About Us

My Cancer My Choices is a volunteer led service offering you a range of complementary therapies in a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment.

A diagnosis of Cancer can affect every part of your life and raise big questions.  Research shows that sometimes simple changes such as healthy eating, exercise and relaxation can make a difference to the journey through cancer.  Evidence also shows that complementary therapies can make a difference to the side effects of treatment.

The aim of My Cancer My Choices is to support you through complementary therapy to help you live as well as you can be.  From diagnosis and through your treatment.  We aim to support people with a diagnosis of cancer by providing a combination of physical, emotional and practical support in a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment.

The aim of this service will be to compliment any medical treatment received and to have open dialogue with the oncology staff involved in patients treatment.

We offer 2 free complementary treatments and then hope that those that are able will make a donation to allow us to continue to offer this community service.  Therapists give time for free but we have to fund everything from car parking to laundry services.  100% of your donation works hard to keep this service free to patients where possible.

The therapies we currently offer include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage, Relaxation techniques including Mindfulness and Tai Chi.


Charity Trustees

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